Where I’ve been for the Last Few Years and Why I haven’t Maintained a Website

For the last three and a half years, I’ve been fairly inactive online. That’s for a number of reasons. At the time, I was going about writing backwards. In writing a blog, it got to where I was writing what I thought others might like instead of what I liked. I was still searching for what to say; I essentially had a bunch of disparate content and not enough of it, which didn’t help. Combine that with being extremely busy with my automotive detailing work, and it was pretty easy to shelve writing.

My wife and I had started our family. This meant I didn’t have quite as much time as before, and it also meant our family had growing needs, like a bigger space to live in and a larger vehicle. We bought a house, or I should say we bought twenty percent of a house. We were blessed to be able to buy when we did, despite a series of obstacles, because the housing demand in the greater Asheville, N.C. area has continued to increase. We would have a hard time affording our current house just three years later, and renting was financially out of the question.

Along with tackling the host of new responsibilities tied to owning an older home, I updated the downstairs bathroom the first year we lived here, and finished a more substantial renovation on the upstairs bathroom last year. The weekend after I finished the second renovation, I had to chase down a water leak in our yard because our water bill exploded the previous month. Home ownership has made me grateful for the year and a half I spent working in an Ace Hardware.

In the meantime, Abigail and I have gone from having one child, Eliza (4), to Levi (2) Daniel (1) and newborn baby Lily. There’s a lot to say about having kids, but for now I’ll reduce it to one point. As a Christian, having children can play a big part in the sanctification process. Nothing in our ordinary life exposes our sinfulness and our need for growth like being responsible for other human beings long term.

Part of why I’ve distanced myself from social media and maintaining a website for the last few years is that much of this phase of my life is about getting over my unholy trinity: me, myself, and I. Perhaps more than anything else, parenting has highlighted my selfness. How much I want ownership of my time, my money, my possessions (like a clean house), etc. Having children is a near constant challenge to pursuing my wants. In many ways, social media and maintaining a website felt counter to that process because it’s easy to make those things about me. It’s just made better sense to keep my distance.

So why come back to social media and a website now? Ultimately, it’s just time. The pieces in my head are falling into place. I find myself wanting to share more again. My writing style has matured, and I’ve solidified my voice and tone. Similarly, the last several years have been full (with family, business, livestock, and gardening), providing me with lots more to write about. I also have a better grasp of the incredibly slow process of building a writing career and more realistic expectations this go around.

We’ll see what happens. Maybe none of this leads anywhere. Still nothing is guaranteed, unless you just never attempt anything.

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