The Albino Asian Cookbook Update and Answered Questions

I continue to work to wrap up this first edition of The Albino Asian Cookbook. I’ve finished my final testing on the recipes. After almost a decade of experimenting, I’m finally happy with my General Tso’s Chicken, and I just put the finishing touches on the Seafood Curry, which is probably my favorite seafood recipe yet.

From this point on, it’s a lot of editing, registering an ISBN, and doing all the behind the scenes work to get the book launched.

Where can I get a copy, what will it cost, and will there be a physical version?

For the near future, The Albino Asian Cookbook will only be available through my website as an ebook.

I haven’t finalized what kind of payment merchant I’ll be using on the website, but I’m looking at a $4 price. In another year or two, I’d like to publish a second edition that will add several others recipes, at which point the price would change to $5. However, the second edition would be free to anyone who already bought the first edition.

With that second edition, I’m going to look into physical printing as well. At this point though, I’m enjoying the utility of having the cookbook accessible on my phone. Being able to jump from the table of contents to the recipe and back via hyperlinks is super convenient too.

What will be different about the second version?

The primary difference is the amount of content. Here is the recipe list for version one:

      1. Filipino Chicken and Pork Barbecue
      2. Savory Pork Chops
      3. Beef and Broccoli
      4. Chicken Adobo
      5. Ginger Chicken
      6. Pinoy Pork BBQ
      7. Star Anise Braised Pork
      8. Chinese Five-Spice Beef with Hoisin Sauce
      9. Fish with Spicy Dipping Sauce
      10. General Tso’s Chicken
      11. Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken
      12. Thai Pork with Dipping Sauce
      13. Seafood Curry

In the second edition I’d like to add:

      1. Fried rice
      2. Pepper Steak
      3. Fried dumplings
      4. Beef Lumpia with Sweet and Sour Sauce
      5. Sauce recipes for both Sesame Chicken and Lemon Chicken (basically alternative flavors for the General Tso’s Chicken template)
      6. Banana Lumpia
      7. Sticky rice

Those recipes may not all make the final cut, and I may add some others.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have other questions or give me suggestions and feedback.

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