One of my biggest challenges in life, and as writer, is that I see too far ahead in too much detail. I get lost in all the minutia in my head, instead of focusing on the next step, and my thoughts often don’t make it to paper.

There are a lot of details to get lost in tied to publishing writing. In order to enable myself to focus, for the moment I’m stripping away all that other stuff: physical books, ebooks, ISBNs, promotion, etc. The goal is simply to write and to share what I write.

For now, that means much of my writing will be available here, with the exception of Three Ring Circus, because I dealt with those details years ago. Hopefully, the day will come when there is demand for me to put some of these materials into book and ebook formats with a price tag, but that day is not today.

If you want to support me in this, the best way is to spread the word. Tell your friends, post on social media, and share your thoughts. Also pray. Pray for clarity, discipline, and persistence as I write, and pray for God’s financial provision, whatever job I’m working at the time, so that mentally I can be free to focus on the stories I have to tell.

With that said, here’s a list of what I have written and am writing:

Currently available

Three Ring Circus: Life as a Missionary Kid in a Family of 11

The Albino Asian Cookbook

Writing for Renew.org

I occasionally write for Renew. You can find a list of my articles here.

Projects on the front burner

Essays, Spirituals, and Less Pretentious Writing

This is a collection of seven essays and eight stories about my spiritual journey. Here are several samples:

Living in the Shadow

My Provider

The Saga of Our Aquarium Fish and How They Died

A Lesson in Faithfulness

The Fifteen Minutes I was a Stud

Projects on the back burner

Called to Parent, Called to Die

Wonder why I have so many children so close together? This book will tell why, and the answer isn’t just, “Sex, duh.”

Check out some excerpts:

An Invitation Alternative to Defensiveness

Choosing Joy with OCD and Messy Children

My Maturing Relationship with Vomit

The Griffin King and The Griffins’ Secret

This is a fantasy story. Book one takes place during a necromancer uprising. Book two takes place during a centaur and minotaur invasion.

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