The Albino Asian Cookbook

After a decade of crafting, the first version of The Albino Asian Cookbook is live. I have enjoyed the process immensely, and I am pleased to finally be able to share the results with you.

Cover 3I was going to charge $4 for the ebook. However, I know there are many people out there right now in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic who may not be able to afford that price, especially those of you living in foreign countries with less favorable exchange rates. Here is the deal: Please pay what you can, and if you can’t afford to pay, you can have the ebook for your own personal use for free.

You can contribute via this PayPal link. If the amount is less than $0.40, don’t worry about paying because that’s about what PayPay vendor fees are anyway.

You can download the ebook here: The Albino Asian Cookbook 2020.

I hope you enjoy the book. Please share about it with others and direct them to this page. Please don’t email copies of the book to your friends, but do send them here so they have an opportunity to contribute and can download a copy directly from me.

Lookout for the second edition and maybe physical copies down the road.


Luke Gray

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